Canoe Paddles

Crow River Paddles specializes in hand-crafted canoe paddles. Whether you're an avid canoer or a part-time paddler, you'll appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of a Crow River Paddle. Ditch the store-bought, mass-produced paddles, and trade up to a paddle you'll be proud to take on your future trips!

Our paddles come in a variety of woods, including redwood, ash, mahogany, or cedar. If you have a special request, we can work with you to get the paddle you want!

  • Straight Shaft 56" Paddle - $100/paddle

  • Single Bend 56" Paddle - $125/paddle

  • Double Bend 56" Paddle - $240/paddle

  • Decorative 40" Paddle - $50/paddle + artwork


Make your paddle your own! First, protect your investment with a paddle bag, $10. Custom embroidery is available. Second, size it up with a paddle ruler, $5. Third, available hand-drawn artwork will make your paddle stand out from the rest! Prices will vary depending on the artwork, so call for details please!

Have more questions? Please call or email for more details!

But Wait, There's More!

Canoe paddles are our specialty, but our craftsmanship shows in our many other custom-made products including cutting boards and snowshoe kits!

Snowshoe Kits - $125/pair

Experience snowshoeing by building your own pair! Crow River Paddles provides the parts, you enjoy the creation! Made from ash wood and nylon rope. Click here for pictures.

Cutting Boards - $50

Cutting board of all sizes are available. Created from black walnut and ash and seasoned with olive oil. Click here for pictures.

European Mounts - $40

European mounts are a great way to display your trophy deer; mounts are made out of oak (custom woods available) and come in kits you put together. This price is for the kit only, no assembly or mounting included! Click here for pictures.


Have a woodworking project you need custom-made? We can handle many special projects, including unique creations and custom milling!